The Arley Consulting Company Limited

The Planning Permission for Clayton Hall Quarry and Landfill Site is an "Old Mineral Permission", and subject to a legal requirement for periodic reviews. Application No. 09/13/1075 was submitted to Lancashire County Council in October 2013 for "Determination of Conditions for a Mineral Site".

Lancashire County Council (LCC) indicated that an Environmental Statement (ES) would be required. The Arley Consulting Company Limited (TACCL) is now submitting that ES.

The ES is being submitted some 21 months after the application, so an addendum to the application has been prepared describing any changes over that period.

View application 09/13/1075 here

View the addendum here

View the ES here:

Note that a separate application and ES have been submitted for a Revised Working Scheme, which can also be found on the TACCL website here