The Arley Consulting Company Limited

SITE: Atlas Works Landfill Site, Elland
LOCATION: West Yorkshire

Services undertaken:

  • Environmental Setting & Installation Design
  • Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
  • Stability Risk Assessment
  • Gas Risk Assessment
  • Nuisance and Health Risk Assessment







The Arley Consulting Company Limited was instructed by P Casey Enviro Limited to compile an IPPC permit application for Atlas Works Landfill Site, Elland. Atlas Works Landfill is an existing non-hazardous landfill which was allocated as a tranche 4 site.

Atlas Works Landfill Site is situated in a semi-rural area, approximately 1 km from the town of Elland. It has been operated since 1991 for the disposal of waste in accordance with a waste management licence.  In 1998/99 the site was extended under the terms of a separate licence.

The total area of the site is around 156,000 m² with 12 existing cells, but only 4 remain operational. The site is partially capped and restored and should cease to accept waste in around 2005.

Leachate treatment is carried out on site in a custom built treatment plant. Gas is collected and burnt in an electricity generating gas engine, with a ground flare to burn any residual gas.

Within the application the following reports were submitted, all according to agency guidelines and templates: 

site investigation particulars, engineering design of the site, discussion of monitoring data and the environmental impact of the landfill, detailed drawings.

a review of surface and groundwater status and monitoring results, production of a LandSim model to predict future possible impacts of the landfill on the hydrogeology of the area.

addressing the stability of the basal sub-grade, side slope sub-grade, basal lining system, side slope lining system, waste mass and capping system.

details of the waste inputs and filling regime, containment engineering details, production of a GasSim model to predict future gas production from the site.

identification of site specific pathways and receptors, nuisance effects and control measures to restrict detriment of the amenity of the surrounding area.