The Arley Consulting Company Limited

SITE HISTORY: Former Colliery Spoil Tip and Part Landfill Site

Services undertaken:

  • Desk Study
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Additional Site Investigation







The Arley Consulting Company Limited was instructed by Brookhouse Group Limited (BGL) to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the ground conditions at the former Parsonage Colliery Spoil Tip, Leigh. The site had been subject to a previous site investigation which eventually led to extensive reclamation works being undertaken.  The reclamation works were not carried out as a planning condition requirement but for landscaping and ecological improvements.  Proposals had been but forward by BGL to develop the site for a commercial end use.

Within the study we carried out the following tasks:

The desk study included the review of all previous investigations on the site as well as details of all reclamation works undertaken.  Parts of the previous site investigation could be assessed using current UK guidance to provide indicative conditions on the site.

An assessment of all relevant previous site investigation data was undertaken cognisant of the EA Policy Statement and as advocated in the Guidelines for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, a tiered approach was adopted.  The tiered approach is central to Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

The assessment identified shortfalls in the previous site investigation information.  However, it did reveal there to be elevated concentrations of organic contamination.  Recommendations were put forward for further detailed site investigation to fully assess the ground conditions, including testing for potential contaminants not previously tested for.

A comprehensive site investigation was designed.  The design considered the findings of the quantitative risk assessment as well as the proposed commercial site layout.