The Arley Consulting Company Limited

Contamination is the presence of a substance which is in, or under land, and which has the potential to cause harm or to cause pollution of controlled water. 

The assessment of contaminated land can be undertaken for landowners, developers and/or contractors to satisfy the requirements of the Environment Agency, local authorities or NHBC either under Part IIA of the Environment Protection Act, 1990 or as a planning requirement (PPG23). 

TACCL has considerable experience in the identification, appraisal and treatment of contamination using information obtained from site investigation and our expertise to advise on the following:

  • Assessment of risks to human health using approved risk assessment models (CLEA, SNIFFER, BP Risk etc)
  • Assessment of risks to the environment including neighbouring land and controlled waters (LANDSIM, CONSIM, RAM, Aquifer WIN 32)
  • Design of appropriate and cost effective mitigation and/or remediation strategies
  • Assessment of liabilities
  • Advice on treatment or disposal of contamination
  • Design of supplementary investigations and monitoring strategies


TACCL can provide cost effective solutions to remediation or mitigate the risks posed by ground and water contamination.
The design of a remediation strategy may depend on a variety of issues including: 

  • Cost
  • Timescales
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Development objectives


There are numerous techniques and technologies available to treat ground and water affected by contamination. It is important to fully understand the risks in order to provide the most suitable, cost effective solution. 

TACCL can design site specific remediation strategies to remove and/or mitigate risks associated with contamination based upon the results of detailed site specific investigation